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oaded Commerce is a new company with an old team. We formed Loaded Commerce, LLC, because we are a group of people that are passionate about ecommerce and we believe we can build, deliver, and support a fantastic product.  We acquired the old CRE Loaded shopping cart software product from the old company CRE Commerce, Inc. (which we mostly built).  CRE grew organically and drew great developers, techs, and customers.

Things did not turn out for CRE like we hoped.  That business was taken in a direction that moved it away from ecommerce software. However, we were able to successfully create value for the investors and it sold in 2012 for $5 Million.

We have assembled much of the original CRE Loaded co-founding team and we have found many of our old alliances in tact and ready to partner with us. We have over 100 years of ecommerce experience in our team. We are focused on creating not only a great product, but also a great, interconnected community around it as well as strong partnerships in our industry.

Who are we? We are a force of nature reshaping the world of open source ecommerce. That may sound like a big claim. We are not interested in doing small things.

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