Offer Customizable Mobile Ecommerce

Introducing Loaded 7 – a mobile responsive, turn-key ecommerce solution that meets customer demand that you can host in-house, deliver easily and affordably from your platform.

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Easy To Install

Use our automated tools to install the free CORE edition of Loaded 7.

Mobile Responsive

Both catalog and admin are natively mobile responsive. No need to rely on third party services to render your site on mobile devices.

Updates Via Cloud

No more patches or files to download. One click updates from your admin. Always up to date, always competitive, always secure.


Support Included

Our team of ecommerce experts is here to help. Choose whether we support your team or your customers directly.

Automatic Affiliates Revenue

Customers can self-upgrade to PRO editions right from their admin which is tagged automatically with your affiliate ID for simplified commission tracking.

Automated Ordering

Use our order APIs to quickly request and distribute license keys, get customers up and billing instantly.

Simplified PCI Compliance

All payment gateway integrations use hosted payment pages or iframes and leverage tokenization to remove all credit card data from the application and your servers.

Cutting Edge Platform

Loaded 7 uses the latest LAMP/WAMP stack with PHP 5.3/5.4 and MySQL to deliver both flexibility and security.

Contact us about being a partner today. We welcome all levels of partnership, from facilitating installations, to affiliate to bulk discounts to bulk resellers. Contact us and tell us how you would like to partner with us.

Partner Inquiry


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