B2B and Wholesaler Store

Public and Private Catalog

With the B2B edition of Loaded Commerce you can control what the public sees while providing deep discounts or specialized product to your authorized customers.

Restrict Public Access

Set what the public can see. Full catalog and basic prices or hide prices and add to cart buttons. You can also display retail pricing but restrict access to buy items without an account.

  • Control Global Price Display
  • Control Global Add to Cart Access

Require Login to see store

Secure your sensitive pricing behind a complete lock out of catalog access for non account holders. Allowing you to let your account holders to login and see and purchase your inventory.

New Account Approvals

If you want to let the public self sign up for access you can. Turn on Approved Accounts and all new accounts are put in an approval queue for you to review and approve and also set a pricing and access group. Until approved new accounts cannot login. They can only see what quest see.

Customer Access Groups

Create groups and set whether they are pricing or access control groups. This allows you to set a series of groups for wholesale level pricing with just one access level for all resellers. This will hide all sensitive products easily from the public catalog without you having grant access over and over to different discount tiers of resellers.

Show hide categories and products

Set access levels on products and categories so that only logged in customers with correct access rights can see and purchase them.

Customer Pricing and Access Groups

The main component to the B2B edition is the simplicity and utility of our powerful customer groups. Affecting customers, products, categories and the whole template.

Pricing per Customer Group

Set group specific prices to products. When logged in customers see the product anywhere in the catalog they will see the group specific prices.

QTY Break Pricing per Customer Group

This Pro Edition feature is expanded to include QTY price array for each pricing group. So you can give custom prices for ordering more of a product and drive larger ticket orders.

Separate Templates per Group

Show your special customers something completely different. Set a unique template to your customer groups to personalize and engage your best customers. Put custom links and html content in your template header to increase customer service contacts for example.

Payment and Shipping by Groups

Restrict special shipping rates and payment method to approved customers and also by entire customer groups. Take invoice payments for corporate accounts but only credit card for individual orders for example.

Advanced Business Logic

Multi Vendor Shipping

The powerful shipping and fulfillment solution for when you have multiple drop ship suppliers and want to give the best most competitive shipping rates. Click here to learn more about Multi Vendor Shipping.

Multi Warehouse Shipping

A straightforward solution for business that have multiple warehouses to serve their customers. Allows for calculating shipping rates from the warehouse assigned to the customer’s zone. Assumes all products are available in all warehouses.

Forms and Surveys

Create unlimited forms on your site to collect information from your potential and existing customers. Add questions to checkout to collect critical order details. Easy to use form builder lets you define robust forms quickly. Advanced reporting gives stats and export of contact information to follow up on.

Full Affiliate System

Create affiliates, banners then track, report and pay out affiliates. Build inbound links direct to your store. Increase sales while improving your search engine ranking. Click here to learn more about the Full Affiliate System

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