Comprehensive Catalog and Shopping Cart

Products Catalog

The most complete ecommerce solution available today. Out of the box loaded with more features that other platforms require addons or plugins to provide

Unlimited Products and Categories

No limits for how you organize your products. Make sub categories, copy products between categories, organize however you need to. With B2B you can set group permissions and hide categories and products.

Products with Options and custom fields

Sell complex product simply by offering product options in various question types, like Drop Down, Radio, Checkbox or text field. With Pro you can also create inventory trackable Sub Product Variants.

Multiple Images

Show your products in all their glory with six additional product images, make that twelve, if you count the fact that each image comes with a thumbnail and a pop up image.

Special Pricing

Specials by Category for putting a lot of product on sale quickly. And taking them off sale just as fast.

Product Export and Import

Export your entire product line and modify your products en masse in Excel or other business systems. You can then upload your changed product data right back into your Loaded store.

Customer Management

Unlike most hosted solutions, with Loaded Commerce you own your customer accounts, with complete control over the customer experience. You can break your customers into groups and control what products and prices they see on your store and much more!


Customers can save products to their own wishlist, once they create an account. This feature increases engagement and drives account creation. Once items are added to the wishlist they can be added to the cart at a later time.

Customer Logins and Accounts

Your customers are your most valuable assets when running an online store. Your customers can create an account, view order history, view and print invoices, save multiple addresses, and subscribe to the newsletter. You can also enable Checkout as Guest if your customers don’t want to create an account.

Look up and create orders by customers

Find orders quickly by seeing all the orders from a selected customer. You can also create admin orders for customers that have signed up or you have created in the admin.

Store Credit and Vouchers

Give your customers store credit to spend manually or automatically with the purchase of special Gift Card products, which can also be pre-fund products.

Customer Export

You can export your customers to CSV and bring them into other business systems. You can filter the export by subscribers, customer group (in B2B) and by date range.

A Better Checkout

What makes an ecommerce platform better is how it converts your traffic into orders. One of the key parts of that equation is the checkout process. Refined by tens of thousands of stores and a decade of real world use, Loaded Commerce excels at optimizing the checkout experience.

Checkout as Guest

Faster checkout means more conversion. If your customers want to checkout without creating an account you can enable Purchase without Account. Instead of being prompted to create account or login, there will be a third option, to Checkout as Guest. Which brings them directly to the shipping step of the checkout.

Shipping Cost Estimator

Your customers can see what the shipping will be right on the shopping cart page. 47% of buyers abandon a checkout over suprise shipping fees.

Skip Shipping

If you don’t charge for shipping you can turn that step off and make your checkout more relevant and efficient. Works Great with our Digital Download Solution, FDMS available in Pro or as an addon.

Coupons and Gift Vouchers

Drive more sales with special offers that your customers can redeem at checkout. You can also issue gift cards that can be shared between customers and then redeemed at checkout.

PayPal Built-In

Take payments on day one without any monthly cost with PayPal. Both Standard and Express checkout are supported.

Dozens Shipping and Payment Modules

Choose from a wide selection of popular Shipping and Payment options. Get real time shipping rate quotes from USPS, UPS and FedEx as well as Australia Post and Royal Mail. All the major payment gateways are supported and new ones gets added all the time.

Checkout Success Extensions

We placed a hook in the confirmation page so you can control what is seen on the confirmation page and also create custom order automation events to run when an order is completed. Make ordering a delight and deliver more faster to your customers.

Order Management

This is why you have an ecommerce store. To get orders. Now what you do with that order will make the difference between running a store and being a successful online business.

Customer Returns

Process customer returns request and automatically add product stock back to quantity on hand. Form the cart admin you can define the return reasons, set the return steps, define the return text shown to customers, control the refund methods and automatically generates an RMA number.

Order Status updates via Email

When you update an order status you can send a custom or automatic message to your customers letting them know about the change. This is a great way to build relationship with your customers and link them back for more business.

Edit Orders

Provide excellent customer service by updating orders when new information comes in. You can add, edit or remove products as well as change their price. You can also update the shipping, billing address and phone number on the order.

Order Package Tracking

Send the shipping tracking number and link to the online tracking page of all the major shippers. UPS, USPS, FedEx and Canada Post and more.

Printing Invoices and Packing Slips

Fulfilling orders means providing invoices and packing slips to your customers. Loaded provides print views for both of these documents right inside your online order view.

Content and Marketing Tools

We provide the tools to reach out to your customer and turn them into regular buyers.

Unlimited Pages and Articles

Reduce confusion with content pages that explain your terms, options and product highlights. You can create pages for long term information or post regular articles as blog posts. Increase engagement and reassure your visitors that buying from you is the right thing to do.

Custom Menu Management

You can use the standard product category menu tree or you can also create a custom menu that incorporates your content and custom links to internal pages or external urls.

Newsletter Create and Send

Users can subscribe to your newsletter during account creation. You can then create unlimited email newsletters with HTML content and send to those subscribers as often as you like.

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