Data Driven Inventory Management

Stock Control

Product tracking quantity on hand

Keep track of the qty on hand for each product and for sub products. Every order reduces the qty on hand and returns can replenish stock levels.

Control how your cart handles out of stock events

When a product runs out of stock you can still sell it or you can restrict sales of those items.

Export Product Data Tools

Update your new stock via export and import of your product catalog. A quick QTY only export allows you to focus on model number and QTY data to make the work quicker for large databases.

Sub Products

Product with orderable sub products variants that have unique SKU and quantity on hand. Also all other characteristics of a product, including unique weight, images and active status.

Easily Create new variants as you go

Just enter a name, price, SKU and other sub product data inline while editing a Parent product to create multiple new orderable variants at once.

Configurable display

Control how the variants are shown, as a list, a drop down. For list more you can choose multi or single Add-To-Cart presentation.

Works with simple attributes

Add additional non inventory based options to a product and collect the data during checkout. These attributes also can impact the price of the product, adding or subtracting a relative amount.

Quick Update Tools and Reports

Low Stock Report

See what products are low and react quickly to reorder them.

Quick Product Update Tool

As you get new stock in you can adjust the stock and price of multiple products at once with the Quick Product Update tool.

Export Product Data Tools

Easy Populate Advanced

export your entire product catalog in tab delimited format. You can apply filters to the export by category, manufacturer or product id range. Modify the product data offline and then re-upload to instantly refresh your product data.

Ebay and Amazon Connections

Requires paid service with Holbi Link. Sync your products with both Ebay and Amazon marketplaces. Match categories and product options. Runs on a automatically in the background. Imports orders from both eBay and Amazon into your Loaded store and then syncs order status updates back to eBay and Amazon.

Data Feeds

Push your product catalog to Google Merchant (formerly known as Google Base) for inclusion directly in Google Shopping search results to drive more traffic and sales to your site..

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