Digital Downloads

Sell Digital Goods

Now you can professionally add files to your products that are released for download after a product is ordered with the File Distribution Management System (FDMS).

File Management

Upload files into the File Manager so you can assign them to products and set the access levels.

  • Upload files via browser
  • Mass upload via FTP
  • Select files in FTP space to attach to library and products
    • File Access Levels

      Files can be restricted or free to download. You can also require a user create an account to receive a file. A great lead generation tool for your business!

      Promote Files on Products

      Show your customers what files they will get when they purchase a product. You can also provide multiple free and paid files on a single product. Great way to give free digital samples while restricting full editions for purchase.

A Complete Solution

FDMS was built to not only deliver files, but also smiles. We bring the files to your customers.

Browseable File Library

Have a lot of files that you need to distribute. Organize them into categories and let your customers browse them in the catalog. Access rights apply here, so users can download free files, login to download restricted files and files that require a purchase are restricted until a purchase is made. You control which files in the library appear in the catalog.

My Downloads Page

A new pages is added to your customers My Account section. It highlights files purchased and not yet downloaded and also gives access to files downloaded in the past.

Meaningful Reports

See top and daily downloads as well as find files that do not have products attached to them.

  • Customer Top Downloads
  • Top Downloads
  • Attached Files
  • Products With Files
  • Products Without Files
  • Download Log
  • Daily Downloads

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