Multi Vendor Shipping

Sell products from multiple suppliers

Multi Vendor Shipping, part of our B2B Edition, produces the lowest price shipping quotes for mixed orders during checkout and allows you to manage fulfillment and vendor notifications.

Manage Unlimited Vendors

Create as many vendors as you need. Each vendor record allows for detailed records.

Order Process Control

Set the order status when to notify the vendor – allow for order approval

Vendor Profiles

store complete info on your vendors including

Manage Vendor Catalogs

Assign vendors to products

something here

Move Product between vendors

something here

Add Vendor instructions to products

Provide product specific instructions to vendors when they fulfil orders.

Shipping Calculations

Mix Order Shipping Calculations – seamless to the customer calculat all the shipping rates from multiple vendors into one shipping fee at checkout.

Shipping Cost Modifier

add vendor specific cost to shipping calculations

  • The Vendor’s handling charge
  • Fee per box
  • Tare Weight
  • Percentage-based Tare Weight
  • Maximum box weight

Manage Vendor Orders

something here

Emails sent to vendors

something here

Orders display vendor shipping

something here

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