Power Selling Features


Show your product catalog in it’s best light. Organize your products, highlight them and allow customers to get to know more so they can convert higher and order larger tickets.

Product Info Tabs

Organize your more detailed product copy and creative into tabs on the product page. As you add content the Tabs appear on a product page.

Shop by Price

Set ranges for filtering your products by price. Create as many ranges as you need.

Product Extra Fields

Create unlimited common fields to enter and data for your products.

Cross Sell

Showcase specific products to also purchase when viewing target products. Displays as an entry point on any page to the filtered product results.

Discounts and Pricing Rules

Create the incentives you need to for your marketing campaigns or special promotions.

QTY Break Pricing

A Pro feature that automatically change the price of any product based on the qty ordered. You can also give discounts based on previous order history. A powerful tool to increase sales.

Coupons and Vouchers

Create coupons that provide direct discounts, percentage discounts or free shipping. You can define advanced rules for their use, restrict to product, limit total users, uses per customer and more.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Bundle products together to increase conversion.You can create rules that define how many purchases are required to get the free product. Set the quantities of the bonus product when the qualifying purchase is made.


Interact with your customers and let them interact with your store to build engagement with them that turns into more sales.

Points and Rewards

A Pro feature or addon that gives you full rewards program. Assign points to your product and actions, like creating an account or writing a review, then give a value to the points for redemption during checkout. Build loyalty with your customers and increase return sales with the points and rewards system.

Abandoned Cart Campaign

Send emails to users that have added items to their cart and did not complete the checkout. Robust settings include how far back to report, ignore active users, tracks who has been contacted already and much more.

Product Reviews

Boost your sales with the ultimate social proof. Product reviews written by your customers. Collect reviews and display then right on the product page.

SEO and Building Traffic

Ultimate SEO URLS

Create automatic keyword based url strings for SEO optimized links.

Header Tags Manager

Manage your homepage keywords and meta tags as well as control site wide additional keywords and title values.

Tracking and Reporting

Google Analytics

Quickly add your google analytics tracking to your store complete with ecommerce metrics.

Tons of Reports

See into your stores data with twenty real-time reports about your customer, sales and products. Reports can be filterd and many sre specialized to look into wishlist, abandoned carts, low stock and much more.

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